Marissa Ajamian wrote this wonderful reflection about my final, MA choreographic work “Skogskyrkogården-Studio-Experience,” in which she collaborated as a dancer and choreographer in 2016:

Understanding Dance in Academia and Beyond: My Journey as a Dancer and Scholar

kim-1 Nicole Garlando

I had the privilege of working with Kim Wilczak on her thesis project Skogskyrkogården-Studio-Experience. This project was different for me because it had so many layers to it. We traveled to Glen Echo Ravine and Union Cemetery in Columbus to help us understand the landscape themes and moods of Skogskyrkogården, a cemetery in Sweden. Skogskyrkogården was the first cemetery built that had the mourners in mind and aimed to help them with the process of losing a loved one. This idea was central to what the piece became to me.

The process struck home for me when Wilczak asked us to bring someone into the piece with us. I have been very lucky to have not lost anyone that is close to me other than my dog Kida. As in many families, my dog Kida was a very important member of our family whom I love…

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