While here at OSU, I have coined and substantially begun to define–by throwing myself into–the hybrid discipline of Landscape Choreography (LC). In a nutshell, LC is studying a designed place by offering choreographic activities as the hub for learning about designed places. The drawing, writing, modeling, et al are still present, but they satellite around the body of the person engaging in the study. This is done through designed, process-based corporeal activities.
Speaking generally about Landscape Choreography, it is a way of studying design that highlights physical knowing, which is apropos as labor in architecture and landscape architecture ultimately is for sensing, human bodies to navigate and utilize (perhaps to enjoy and to find inspiration). Another product of LC’s physical way of studying is an opening up of design for dancers and the people surrounding the design (the designs’ communities) to physically invest in their locations in focused, participatory ways.
Towards investing, one of the potentially most exciting products of LC is performance I’m planning on opening a Landscape Choreography Company that celebrates and reveals designed spaces to their communities with site-specific, participatory, dance performances. The movement will come from deploying the design processes, initially used for the creation of the place, as choreographic processes for the dancers. At these site-specific performances, both spectacle and community-building are important to me. Spectacle will be achieved through choreography that magnifies the processes and human inhabitation of the space as visibilized by professional dancers. Community will be sought by intentionally including a space for participation within each event.
My work and I stand on the shoulders of great dance-design pioneers. One of my inspirations for dance event participation is Marilyn Wood who created “City Celebrations”  in architectural spaces throughout her career. Please see this link to read about Ms. Wood. https://kimwilczak.wordpress.com/2016/08/05/marilyn-wood-city-celebrationist/

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