water circles groupshot2

Water Circles: Inspired by Charity Water India (Vimeo Link)

This dance-film began with the charitable thoughts of Deepthi Kalyanam, an Indian woman living in Pennsylvania. After she shared a Charity Water INDIA Youtube promotion with me (youtube.com/watch?v=6bH7SPNdSt4), we both wondered what we could do to help beyond sending funds. The inspiration to use dance-film as a visual prayer-medium burst forth.

For the chalk drawing portion of filming, the soundtrack to the Charity Water Youtube campaign inspired the dancers’ movements. Those movements were expanded upon in Kaitlyn Sheffield’s solo dance. The film came together around a new soundtrack, The Piano Guys’ cover, “Without You.” In the end, the dance-film process revealed that the secondary vision of Charity Water is to provide clean water for all. The organization’s primary mission is, in fact, to promote human equality and global teamwork.

Dancers in the film represent the Departments of Dance and Landscape Architecture at The Ohio State University.

Ronald Altman – Dance Studies
Allegra Angelini – Visual Artist
Shelby Booth – Landscape Architecture
Anastasia Carrier – Landscape Architecture
Jessica Cavender – Dance Studies
Daniel Diller – Dance Studies
Joda Lee – Dance Studies
Lauren McCrystal – Landscape Architecture
Kaitlyn Sheffield – Dance Studies

And thank you to Candace Feck!


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