yogadanceI come to yoga to rebalance my body and mind from the patterns of ice dancing and ballet.  One main difference between sequencing and choreography in these moving disciplines is that in yoga I find self-permission to flow with poses and vinyasas at my pace, whatever that pace may be on a given day, and to re-choreograph moment-to-moment depending on what my body needs in the midst of the performance.  This performance happens for myself every time I come to the mat.  There is no final showing to which I am building.  In dance and skating there is a performance where I will need to be ready to move within set choreography without any alterations whether my body is ready or not, therefore I need to train in a different way to be ready for those days.  Here, yoga intersects with dance.  Yoga sequencing becomes part of my dance training, facilitating my overall well-being in order to accomplish the dance-choreography on the performance day.

Sequencing in yoga is like setting movement based on what your body, heart or spirit needs.  It is a safe place to honestly ask myself what is off-balance and respond with healing movement.  Sometimes in dance-choreography my movement develops more from my mind than my heart and spirit.  I think that is fine.  There is a place for both types of inspiration sources.


One thought on “Yoga Sequencing and Dance Choreography

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